PlayStation 4 breaks 1 million sold in the UK

PS4 Console

Sony’s latest passes the 1 million mark in just 42 weeks!

Sony has announced 1 million PlayStation 4s have sold in the UK since the console launched last year.

The 1 million sold mark was reached in 42 weeks, making it one of the tasting selling consoles ever in the UK.

Nintendo’s Wii console is the only one to beat PS4 to the million mark so far in the UK. In just 38 weeks, Wii surpassed a million sold: PlayStation 3 shifted 1 million in 46 weeks, PlayStation 2 in 50 and Xbox 360 in 60 weeks.

This follows an already impressive launch for PS4 - the most successful hardware launch so far in the UK, where 250,000 consoles sold in the first few days, surpassing the total lifetime sales of Wii U in Britain at the time.

At Gamescom earlier this year Sony revealed that 10 million PS4s have sold worldwide.


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