Destiny’s huge day one patch brings balance tweaks aplenty

Destiny Traveller

“Work is already underway on upcoming patches” say Bungie

Destiny - the most pre-ordered new IP in history - has received a sizeable day one patch that brings changes to weapons, builds, talents, maps, vehicles, achievements, vendors and more.

Among the changes you can expect to see once the new patch is installed will be slightly less powerful assault rifles and a greater effect on speed with agility. The level at which bounties unlock has been lowered and Vanguard and Crucible marks are now accruable beginning at Level 18.

“We used to build games that were pressed on discs, shipped to retailers, bought by consumers and then, in the months and years that followed, we’d support them the best we could. We updated playlists, made tuning changes, and developed new multiplayer maps,” Bungie said. “With Destiny, we couldn’t create a world that players want to live in by leveraging our old habits. We want to improve, grow and evolve Destiny in the coming weeks, months and – hopefully – years.

“Patch 1.0.1 won’t be the last changes to Destiny. Our goal is to constantly improve the Live game. The game we hope is competing for your free time,” adds Bungie’s post. “Work is already underway on upcoming patches. Some will contain new content, some will contain the next round of improvements, and some will undoubtedly react to issues that you – the playerbase – will uncover in the coming weeks.”

For everything coming in Destiny’s day one patch hit this link.

Destiny is out now for PS3, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

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