Apple countdown to iPhone 6 reveal

Numerous reports suggest an iPhone 6L and iWatch are also to be shown

Apple is due to unleash the iPhone 6 upon the world later today in a live event in San Francisco.

The event - currently counting down - is due to start at 6pm in the UK (1pm Eastern time, 10am Pacific time) and is to be streamed live on the Apple website.

It has also been alleged that Apple will be showing a larger iPhone 6 model alongside the standard iPhone, referred to as the iPhone 6L, which is said to have a larger 5.5 inch screen.

Apple Reveal

The much-rumoured Apple wearable iWatch could also be getting an airing today. The facts that fashion experts have been invited to attend the event and product designer Marc Newson has joined Apple give some weight to this claim.

The iPhone 6 itself is believed to be coming with a slimmer, more rounded body than before and an increase in screen resolution to 1134 x 750. A quad-core A8 chip could also be on board, giving Apple’s new phone more processing umph compared to the iPhone 5S’s 1.3GHz dual-core A7 processor.