This week’s new PS4 games

Destiny Traveller

Bungie’s next gen FPS Destiny launches on PS4 this week along with NHL 15

Two new games make it to PS4 in the week commencing 8th September with the hotly anticipated shooter Destiny set to make its mark on the console.


PS4 welcomes Destiny this week bringing its huge persistent open world to explore and a combination of cooperative, competitive and open gameplay. Level up your Guardian alone or group up with friends to tackle Destiny’s challenges amid a slick-looking, dynamic sci-fi world where you are the last hope for the future of humanity.

NHL 15

Leading the way in the world of Ice Hockey sims, NHL 15 makes use of next generation tech to bring new life and variation to the genre. Real world physics have been bought in, leading to better collisions and models of the pucks movement. Improved AI gives players on the ice more awareness to potential plays and a host of new features - such as living crowds and new commentary - have also been brought in to give new authenticity to the NHL experience.


That’s the two new games due to appear on PS4 this week. If you’re thinking about getting either you can leave us a comment to let us know.

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