Velocity 2X review – terrific sequel to Velocity

Velocity 2X Cover (concept art)

At first glance, Velocity 2X appears to offer a blend of typical 2D shooter and platformer, but something quite different lurks below its familiar – and well-presented – exterior.

A sci-fi action title, it was clearly inspired by the arcade stalwarts but, mechanically, is a distinct beast. This sequel to the original platforming-free shooter Velocity allows you to accelerate through an energetic, teleportation-based puzzler. There is plenty of shooting, leaping and scoring, but it's the movement through Velocity 2X's stages – whether on foot or in the cockpit of a spacecraft – that sets it apart.

The ability to teleport through walls and enemies, often several times a second, has inspired level design that constantly asks the player to think and interact in new ways. The result is a thunderously fast, terrifically rewarding thrill ride that also rather cleverly evokes a sense of gaming's past.

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