Nyko's Intercooler For The Playstation 4

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Nyko's Managing Director Explains Why PS4 Users Need The Intercooler.

Do not panic. As of yet the PS4 has had no overheating issues. However Nyko's managing Director Chris Arbogast believes that Nyko's intercooler is beneficial to the PS4 system.

It was designed primarily for gamers who have multiple electronics in one small area, which is quite common in most households now. He believes the intercooler will provide a “reliable and affordable cooling solution that distributes heat away from the system.” The PS4 Intercooler needs no power cord and works off three fans. 

Nyko have released cooling systems in the past for the PS3 and Xbox 360 so they are no strangers when it comes to cooling a console system.

But is it really necessary? Have you had intercoolers in the past that you can't be without? Surely if a gamer spends out 400 pounds or dollars on a system then it should have been stressed tested and given adequate cooling from launch?

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