Scottish independence - Murdoch claims that new YouGov Indyref poll is close!

Kingdom Of Great Britain

A YouGov poll set to be released later tonight is believed to state that the Scottish Independence vote is even closer than anticipated.

Earlier today media tycoon Rupert Murdoch tweeted in reference to the poll suggesting that the ‘London Times will shock Britain and more with reliable new poll on Scottish independence. If right on 18th vote everything up for grabs’. He also stated that ‘Scottish independence means huge black eye for whole political establishment, especially Cameron and Milliband.’

The leaders of the two major parties in Great Britain have been adamant that an independent Scotland benefits no one at all. If the Yes vote were to come through on the 18th of September, it would not only undermine Cameron’s leadership, but could arguably undermine the integrity of the United Kingdom throughout the world. When a leader is so strongly against something and it still occurs, questions will be rightly raised throughout the world.

Cameron won’t be alone in feeling the heat, Miliband too has been working tirelessly to ensure that the Scots don’t vote for independence. Labour has a huge reliance on Scottish voters and independence could prove to be detrimental to his party in the long term.

Westminster has made it perfectly clear where they stand and attempted to hinder the Yes campaign by being firm in not allowing Scotland to continue using the pound if they choose to leave the union.

Referendum: If the Scots vote to stay, will the English get to vote for independence too ?

The former EU economics chief Olli Rehn reiterated the problems Scotland would face if it were to be an independent nation and said it would "not be possible” to allow Scotland to use the pound and also become a member of the EU, something First Minister Alex Salmond was quick to label as being incorrect.

It seems apparent therefore that outside of Scotland, the major powers simply don’t want Scotland to become independent, yet as we approach the Indyref, it is the Yes vote which appears to be gathering the most support. Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood came out to show her support for the campaign, and claimed that an independent Scotland would be “a beacon of social justice”. Her words echo those of many Scots who are tired of being ruled from Westminster. Holyrood has always lacked significant authority and devolution will provide just that.

If the poll is, as we suspect, a bitter blow to the No camp, a change in campaign strategy might be needed. Murdoch was right when he said that ‘everything [is] up for grabs’, and if the pattern of the last two weeks continues then the Yes vote appears to be the more likely outcome. An outcome which will send shockwaves throughout not only the UK, but also throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

With the Yes camp gathering more and more momentum as we approach the vote, the likelihood of an independent Scotland is ever increasing. Cameron and the rest of Europe may be starting to ask, are there only 12 days of the union left?