Paramount Has Dates In Mind For Terminator Sequels

Terminator Genisys cover

Paramount has planned dates for its Terminator sequels.

Regardless of how you feel towards the up and coming Terminator Reboot. It hasn't stopped Paramount setting dates for its planned sequels.

The current set dates are as follows: 

Terminator 2 - May 19th 2017

Terminator 3 - June 29th 2018

Terminator Genysis


Do these dates instill you with confidence? or is this just another money grabber for a very well established franchise, with Paramount hoping to attract audiences with the Terminator name alone? Personally any sequels after a James Cameron film have usually taken a nose dive. Yes I was thinking about the Aliens franchise. In any case, Paramount will surely have to wait until the numbers roll in before it can confirm a definite release date on the two sequels? 

Terminator Genysis will enter the time displacement set and enter cinema's on July 1st 2015.



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