Harmonix announce VR project that lets you see music

Harmonix Logo

Rock Band developers to bring interactive virtual reality music software to Samsung Gear VR

An intriguing new project from Harmonix has been announced for Samsung’s newly-revealed Gear virtual reality headset that will let you see and interact with music.

Called Harmonix Music VR, the company states the project “transports you to a fully immersive, music-driven dreamscape allowing you to experience your tunes like never before.

“It uses Harmonix’s proprietary Music Analysis Engine to generate a song-specific, high-resolution event sequence that drives the reactive elements in your virtual world. Sit back and relax, taking in the vibrant, musically responsive environment, or explore for even more audio visualizations set to your own tracks.”

Harmonix plan for Music VR to launch with Samsung’s headset later this year.

Developed with Oculus VR, Samsung Gear VR provides a headset which uses the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 mobile phone for the display.

Harmonix meanwhile has just launched Dance Central Spotlight for the Xbox One, with their new game A City Sleeps - a musically focused ‘bullet hell’ Shoot ‘em up - due to hit PC and Mac in October.

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