Eve Online meets Minecraft in ‘Untold Universe’

Untold Universe

Check out Untold Universe an ambitious new sandbox MMORPG

Fenris Lair Studio has taken to Kickstarter with a promising new MMO for PC called Untold Universe. A game you could describe as Minecraft in space, Untold Universe is a massively multiplayer online voxel sandbox game set in a huge uncharted universe.

With a strong bent on PvP the game includes ships and weapons allowing players to fight on the ground or in space. You can gather resources to build ‘anything from factories to spaceships’ and join player guilds called Corporations, gaining strength in numbers as you create colonies on new planets and defend them against attack from others.

There are also trading aspects and in-game currency which can be earned from selling player-created items or by undertaking player-created missions - helping to defend a Corporation’s colony or finding resources for example.

The game also encourages open-ended role playing that without limiting you to a class specific skill-set, lets you act your role of choice, “from builder, spaceship-designer, pilot, trader to pirate and bounty hunter. And you will not be limited to one role!“

Untold Universe has been in development for over a year with a private alpha now underway. Check out the teaser below and head over to the Untold Universe Kickstarter page to find out more and make a pledge.


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