Blame Game Continues Over 'Misleading' Aliens Colonial Marines Marketing

Aliens Colonial Marines

Who will bare responsibility for marketing the Aliens game of 2013?

Although Sega have settled the lawsuit which was launched in May of 2013 at a cost of 1.25 million dollars, the dispute between Gearbox and Sega continues.

Gearbox distanced itself not only from the lawsuit but any responsibility regarding the marketing for Aliens Colonial Marines, and stated that the company was working under contract with Sega and that it was the publishers sole responsibility for the marketing.

Sega have reacted to this and have submitted internal emails as evidence to support their claim that Gearbox were indeed involved in the marketing.

Below is an extract from one of the emails Sega are submitting as evidence. In the email is a reaction to Randy Pitchford's (from Gearbox) supposed leaking of information during a question and answers session.

"This is a constant problem and needs to be addressed". The response: "It's Randy doing whatever the f**k he likes. Apparently he did it twice on [Borderlands 2] also, again, against all plans and despite the fact they asked him not to."   

This will likely be a dispute that could go on for some time and will more than likely be a "Game Over Man, Game Over"  between Sega and Gearbox.

Aliens Colonial Marines launched in February of 2013 and was poorly received by gamers and critics.But the bar for this type of game was always going to be high, based on being such a beloved franchise.

To give you an idea on how passionate people felt about this project I have embedded two videos. The first showing the trailer for the game which kind of gives you an idea on how impressive this game looked. The second is a gamers reaction to the game overall.

Its a shame because 'My mommy told me there were no bad games, not really bad, but there are"  (sorry, couldn't help it)

Beware Of Bad Language. 



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