Sunset Overdrive lets you slide on water

Sunset Overdrive Blower Screen 1

Insomniac Games' Xbox One exclusive has many different enemies to combat, and the latest YouTube video answers a couple of fan questions.

The latest weekly offering of Sunset Overdrives' Sunset TV discusses special types of mutants and answers fan emails, as well as divulging the information that 45% of Americans don't know that the Sun is a star, apparently.

Of the special mutants, we see Gunkers that fire liquid nitrogen globs that crystalise into spikes to block your path and halt your momentum; the 'lightning-quick' Muggers, who attack from higher ground; and finally the Wingers, that fly, and can attack with waves of fire and 'flobbers' no matter where you're situated.

One of the email questions asks 'is there swimming in the game?' The answer is... yes, actually, but instead of slowy doggy-paddling through the water you can slide on top of it, kind of like Jesus but with a little more style.

Take a look at the video below to get a glimpse at more footage.

Sunset Overdrive is due for release on 28th October 2014 in the US and 31th October in the UK for Xbox One.

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