Dota 2's Techies have arrived

Dota 2 Techies Update Logo 1

The Dota 2 game client has been updated with the new hero along with some further features and items.

The Techies are here, folks, following Valve's update to their Dota 2 blog last week stating that the explosive trio were set to arrive soon.

The patch for the game client weighs in at a rather large 527MB, which packs in the new hero along with a bunch of features, items, and tweaks to the MOBA - including an All-Random Deathmatch mode, All-Hero Challenge, Gallery of Triumphs and more. Head on over to our article from eariler in the week to learns what's new.

I downloaded the patch earlier today to see some of the new features, and I've brought you some screens. I'm too kind, I know.

Dota 2 Techies Update Screen 2The Techies in the hero selection screenDota 2 Techies Update Screen 1Don't forget about the little fella in the barrel

Dota 2 Gallery Of Triumphs Screen 1

Yes, my Gallery of Triumphs is pretty bare right now, just give me time, OK?

Dota 2 All Hero Challenge Screen 1The A-Z style All-Hero Challenge will be something I'll attempt to tackle, and it's offered up Storm Spirit for me to begin with.

So, there you have it, the Techies are here. Cue the next few weeks with 100% of your matches including them, having them kamikaze at you whilst you try to tiptoe around their mines - enjoy!

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