Two of Lithuania's hottest prospects speak of time at Leicester and Forest

Simonas Stankevicius and Deimantas Petravicius of Leicester City and Nottingham Forest respectively have spoken about their time in the East Midlands.

Nottingham Forest and Leicester City may be bitter rivals, but they both have one thing in common - they are harbouring two of Lithuania's top young talents in their squads.

It may not be known by many but the pair of Deimantas Petravicius and Simonas Stankevicius of Forest and Leicester respectively are highly regarded by their home nations FA. Both products of the National Football Academy in Kaunas the 19-year-old's have both played full international football for their country Stankevicius of Leicester playing five times and Petravicius earning two caps.

Now, with Leicester in the Premier League and Nottingham Forest looking a good bet to join them, press in Lithuania are starting to get excited about the future of their dynamic pair.

This week they spoke to both players about their times in England.

Stankevicius, who said centre back Liam Moore is one of his best buddies in England, said of his time with Leicester City:

"I had to get used to and adapt to a whole other game than I was accustomed to before, but now the English game has become my style. Became fond of playing as the British and the whole building strategy. In England the game is very much dependent on the attacker - if the attacker is able to lock and snag the ball and lean back in a safe, then the game evolves very smoothly. England striker usually has to be physically very strong and be able to work well in the body to lock the ball."

That answer was always going to be likely, from a centre forward!

Petravicius however spoke about the physical side of the game, he himself is rehabilitating from injury at the moment:

"When I first came to Nottingham Forest, I did not expect that football is so fast and rough. They do not spend a lot of time, technique or tactics, and focuses on the physical preparation."

These two hot prospects are considered the best young players in their country, and now these two East Midlands outfits bear much of the responsibility to the future of the Lithuanian game.

And it seems that both already have a grasp on what the English game is all about. Now time will tell if either can crack the first team at their respective clubs.

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