PS4’s quirky zombie adventure Ray’s The Dead will also arise on Vita


And thanks to cross-buy support you’ll only need to buy the game once.

Indie devs Ragtag Studio are developing a Vita version of their upcoming game Ray’s The Dead.

The game, which was originally announced to be coming to PS4 at E3, promises some intriguing gameplay in which you take control of a Ray, both as a zombie and as his former human self in playable flashbacks.

According to Ragtag co-founder Chris Cobb these flashbacks, "let you meet first hand many of the characters from Ray's past that you'll also be meeting in the present," also saying, "they serve as a mechanic for unlocking Ray's abilities.

"While reliving these memories, Ray will 'remember' certain skills and abilities from his past, granting him the ability to use them in the present. You may be wondering what abilities Ray the human and Ray the zombie might have in common. Well, that's part of the big mystery of the game, so you'll have to play to find out!"

Ray’s The Dead on Vita is being made to make use of some of the hardware features, "including some degree of touch screen support, interaction between the Vita and PS4 version, and fully support for the upcoming PlayStation TV," said Cobb.

The game will also come as a cross-buy with PS4 with cobb noting, "For those of you that had already planned to grab a copy of the PS4 version, surprise! Now you get the Vita version too."

Ray’s The Dead hasn’t yet been given a specified release date although it should be expected next year. You can pre-purchase the game now via the official Kickstarter page at a discount.

In addition to the PS4 and Vita versions, Ray’s The Dead will also be coming to PC, Mac and Linux.

Below is the Ray’s The Dead Vita announcement trailer.

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