New live-action Destiny trailer wants you to become legend


Bungie and Activision's tease at an announcement holds true with a trailer featuring real live actors exploring the galaxy's planets.

The tease of a new Destiny announcement appeared yesterday in the form of a ten second clip on the game's YouTube Channel, and today we were shown exactly what that tease was all about - a live-action trailer.

The new live-action trailer landed today, showing three guardians exploring the galaxy and engaging in combat with various enemies featured in the game. I initially got a stereotypical 'dude bro' vibe from the trailer, but I actually kind of like it.

The trio first explore the moon, coming across a desecrated site of the moon landing, complete with USA flag. This displeases one of the guardians, which then prompts all three to naturally resort to dispatching a large group of enemies - cue soundtrack, Immigrant Song, by Led Zeppelin. Enjoy.

Destiny is due for release on Tuesday 9th September for PS3,PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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