New H1Z1 screens show SoE's zombies and landscapes


We have a quartet of new screens for Sony Online Entertainments upcoming MMO zombie survival game

Sony Online Entertainment's crack at an MMO zombie survival game, H1Z1 is throwing up some promising action for fans of the genre and its planned presence on PS4 (as well as PC) gives it potential console defining properties as Sony's 8th gen machine reaches to be at least comparable to PC in the MMO space.

Using SoE's Forelight engine, previously used for Planetside 2 and also being used to build SoE's new installment in massively popular Everquest franchise, H1Z1  certainly looks to tick the 'shiny graphics' box as shown by the new screens below.

These screenshots have come out of the recent PAX game expo and have been taken from the PC version. Check them out and let us know what you think.

H1Z1 Building


H1Z1 Shop Zombie


H1Z1 Winterwonderland


H1Z1 ZombieStroll


H1Z1 has a release date penciled-in for autumn this year when it will launch for PC and PS4. The game is due to be free-to play with in-game micropayments,. hit this link to go to the announcement on reddit from SoE regarding how the game is to be monetized.

Hit this link for some H1Z1 gameplay footage

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