Coming To A Cinema Near You, 4DX


HITC looks over the latest gimmick to hit cinema's

With the Home Cinema system constantly evolving, the Film industry are always trying to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the Movie going experience.

James Cameron managed to do this for theatre's with the re-emergence of 3D in 2009's Avatar. But fast forward to 2014 and 3D TV's have become a part of everyday furniture.

Welcome to the dawn of 4DX, the latest gimmick to hit cinema's and the film industry's answer to Home entertainment. Complete with smells,water and strobe lighting.

Check out the clip below to get a better idea of what 4DX offers.

 4DX has already proved to have higher numbers than the average cinema, even certain poor performers at the box office have benefited from the 4DX experience, giving the film a new lease of life.

But is this because people are being distracted by whats actually happening on screen? Is it just a scaled down fair ride?

Well however you feel about the latest gimmick, unless the novelty wears off, 4DX could be here to stay and could very well be the next addition to your living room.