City of Heroes MMO IP could be set to return

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A 'spiritual successor' to NCsoft's superhero MMO could become an official licensed title.

Kickstarter-funded City of Titans asked for $320,000 back in 2013, and reached over double its requested funding by the time the campaign had ended. The devs, Missing Worlds Media, called it a spiritual successor to NCsoft's popular, and no-longer active MMO, City of Heroes.

In a Titan Network forum post, president of Missing Worlds Media, announced that a small group within the devs, along with members of the community, were in talks with NCsoft about acquiring part of the City of Heroes property. From the post it appears that the talks are in the early stages, however they're looking to acquire the City of Heroes IP to form its own company, handling licensing - this would then allow the company to license the existing engine from NCsoft.

The source code and the existing user database is not part of the deal at this time, however gaining the license would allow the 'spiritual' part of successor to be removed and the game could reference any part of the original game.

City of Heroes was an MMO released on PC and Mac back in April of 2004. Players could create a superhero, and eventually a super villain later down the line once updates and an expansion had been released.

The game ran for just over eight years, until the publishers NCsoft, shut down their Paragon Studios - the development studio behind the game. The studio was closed on 31st August 2012, with the final day of service for City of Heroes ending on 30th November 2012. Thanks, PC Gamer.

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