Newey concerned young racing drivers "aren’t going to school"

Adrian Newey

Red Bull technical chief Adrian Newey is concerned about the education of young racing drivers, many of whom he believes “just aren’t going to school.”

Regarded as one of the most intellectually gifted men in Formula 1 history, Newey has been responsible for a plethora of race wins and World Championship triumph at Williams, McLaren and Red Bull.

But Newey, who will step away from full-time involvement with the sport next year, has expressed concerns that some young drivers are not placing enough emphasis on their education, leaving them ill-prepared for life when their racing careers end.

“A lot of the drivers in karting and in junior formulas frankly just aren’t going to school,” said Newey, who holds a degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics from the University of Southampton.

“They don’t go to school at all. The parents then hide behind that by saying that they have private tutors but I think in many cases – not all, I’m sure, but in many cases – that’s actually a complete sham.”

“I think for many of those children that don’t quite make the grade, they have spent all that time not going to school, not having a proper tuition and then what happens to them afterwards is altogether another question,” Newey said.

“It’s something which motor racing as an industry urgently needs to look at, because personally I think we’re being irresponsible allowing that.”

Ironically, Red Bull junior team Toro Rosso will next year field 17-year-old Max Verstappen, who should still be in school when he makes his F1 debut in 2015.

"I still need to do one more year [of school]," Verstappen commented recently. "I still need to plan how I'm going to do that, but we will see."