Gamer kills everyone in Fallout 3, takes him 7 months

Fallout 3

Think you could kill everyone in Bethesda's popular RPG?

Fallout 3 is a first person post apocalyptic RPG, that allows you to explore a huge open world filled with bandits, slavers, mutants, and generally every kind of wasteland danger you can think of.

On 9th January this year YouTube Channel Many A True Nerd began an endeavour to playthrough Fallout 3, and whilst it's a sizeable feat in itself, it wasn't your regular playthrough - they were on a mission to kill everyone in the game.

The full set of videos is below for you to watch, and suffice to say, yes, he does eventually end up achieving his goal, but it's the journey to that end result and the comedy commentary which is most entertaining - enjoy! Thanks, Kotaku.

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