New Caffeine pre-release demo available

Caffeine Screen 3

The promising indie sci-fi horror game has a new playable demo

A game we picked up on earlier in the year, Caffeine is a visually impressive sci-fi horror adventure game being made with the Unreal 4 engine. Set on board an abandoned space station, the game promises some great atmospherics along with some psychological horror and puzzles woven into the narrative. Caffeine also promises full Oculus Rift support and a PS4 version after the PC game releases. 

Below is a recent trailer showing some improvements to the game

Despite failing to hit its initial Kickstarter target, indie developer Incandescent Imaging are ploughing on with efforts to get Caffeine finished, most recently taking to Steam Greenlight for support.

Now a new demo is available, which in the words of Incandescent, is to, “give all of you an early look at the atmosphere, visual style and the beginnings of the narrative.”

You can get to the demo via this link. If you wish to add your support for Caffeine, hit this link to go to the Steam Greenlight page

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