Techies blow up in Dota 2 update next week

Dota 2 Techies Update Logo 1

Valve have released the details of their upcoming Dota 2 update, bringing the new hero along with other major features. And the Techies can be played in the Test Client now.

The long-awaited Techies are on their way next week in the new Dota 2 update, but you can actually play as them now in the Dota 2 Test client.

Valve gave word that the explosive trio would arrive in August, although they'll now come in the first week of September, but we won't hold that against them.

Whilst the update includes the Techies, it also brings with it some other features - All Random Deathmatch, A-Z Challenge, and much more.

The Techies have four abilities to use - Land Mines places an invisible explosive which acts like a proximatey mine, exploding when enemies are near; Stasis Trap acts like the Land Mines, except it stuns opponents; Suicide Squad, Attack! sacrifices the Techies in an explosion that deals huge damage to nearby enemies; and finally Remote Mines, which explode when you use Focused Detonate to set them off. Compendium owners receive a special taunt for the trio too.

Dota 2 Techies Swine of the Sunken Galley art

The Swine of the Sunken Galley Arcana for the Techies will also be available, it includes a 5-piece item set, custom icons for the hero, minimap, and spells, and loads more. If purchased before 30th September the set will be of 'exalted' quality.

A new chest will be on offer, the Techies Bombastic Box, which includes a bunch more items - Techies commentator, a rocket-strapped courier in a greevil costume and a new HUD skin.

As I mentioned above, there are new major features coming too. The All Random Deathmatch mode - each player starts off with a random hero, but each time they die they will respawn as another random hero. Once a team loses 40 heroes, or their ancient is destroyed, they lose.

Dota 2 All Random Hero Challenge Art 1

The All-Hero Challenge is kind of like the A-Z challenge, except the assignment of heroes is random. So, you'll be given a hero to win a match with, and once you win with that hero you'll be assigned another hero to win with, and so on. If you win with every hero you'll be awarded a trophy. The feature also allows you to look at stats detailing the average time it takes for other players to win with specific heroes, so you can see how you compare.

Compendium owners will be receiving some features specific to them too; the Assured Victory Shout - this is one for the trolls out there, it allows you to predict whether you're going to be victorious by calling out to all players that your team is going to win. If you do win the match after you use the shout you'll earn a point for your Victory Prediction gem. Earn enough points and you'll gain a new trophy, although if you're ever wrong in your prediction your points will reset zero.

The Battle Glory Kill Banner gives Compendium owners a new look to the on-screen multi-kill announcements, and the International 2014 Music Pack features all the compositions created by award-winning artist Chance Thomas, and can be equipped in the Global Items part of your loadout.

Of course, as with most patches, there's the usual tweaks to the interface and bug fixes, so head on over to the update page for more info.

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