ArcheAge gets a western launch date in September


Trion Worlds have given ArcheAge a release date of 16th September in North America and Europe

Western MMO fans waiting to get stuck into ArcheAge won’t have much longer to wait. 

The free-to-play ‘sandpark’ MMO has been given a launch date of 16th September in Europe and North America by Trion Worlds. Prior to this, an open beta will run from 4th-8th September, with those who purchased Founder’s Packs being able to log in early on 12th September.

Highly anticipated in the west, ArcheAge has some deep sandbox crafting options - where you’re able to make anything from food to houses to ships - mixed in with ‘themepark’ MMO aspects, where questlines and progression are laid out for you.

The game has some pretty impressive graphics too. Check out this video below from TGN going into what makes Archeage so awesome.


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