Zenimax detail The Elder Scrolls Online’s Dragonstar Arena

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Small groups take on waves of increasingly hard enemies with Veteran teams getting a chance to make the leaderboard.

 The Dragonstar Arena will be joining ESO with the game’s upcoming 4th major update. Access is gained via Upper Craglorn where 4 player teams can put their mettle to the test.

Groups will be tasked with fighting through ten arenas, each with their own themed set of mobs and hazards that come as waves of increasing difficulty. Rewards will be dished out to players after each arena is completed, before moving on to the next.

Writing on the Elder Scrolls Online site Zenimax explain, “Our goal with the Dragonstar Arena is to bring a new type of content to ESO that can really put standard groups (four players) to the test. We want small groups to experience the difficulty in organization and execution of high-end content like Trials in a format that differs from the Veteran Dungeons we already offer. And, of course, we want everyone to have a shot at some new rewards, too! Sounds simple, but (as with any new content) we met with plenty of challenges of our own as we worked to make it interesting, fun, and worthwhile.

“When you step into the ring, you’ll be faced with five waves of escalating intensity. If you survive, you’ll receive a reward and move on to the next arena. We came to a couple conclusions as we iterated on development. First, we discovered that just “throw tons and tons of enemies into the battlefield” may have been difficult, but it wasn’t fun. The visual chaos made it too hard to execute a strategy, and just being overwhelmed wasn’t a satisfying challenge, so we reduced the number of enemies and made them much tougher and more interesting. There isn’t any “cannon fodder” in the arena; every enemy you face will be a threat.

Arenas can be attempted in either Normal or Veteran difficulty levels. Normal will present a considerable challenge to average pick-up groups attempting to beat all ten, while well organised groups with decent gear should easily make it through to the end to pick up an achievement, title and some loot.

According to Zenimax, the Veteran option pitches the difficulty up to ‘sadistic levels’. As with Trails, the Soul Reservoir feature will be included on Veteran arena runs limiting the number of resurrections available to the group. Attempting Veteran arenas can earn you the chance to get on a leaderboard to compare your efforts with the rest of the server.

Update 4 will be coming next month, in the meantime you can try out the new content by heading over to the test server.

Below is an arenas trailer

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