World of Diving trailer reveals breathtaking world beneath the waves!

World Of Diving

Ever wanted to explore the ocean on the big screen?

World of Diving is precisely what it states in the title - a diving simulator and it is currently exclusive to PC. It's Oculus Rift enabled and online bringing the players an exhilarating multiplayer experience beneath the water and it's loaded with both a singleplayer and multiplayer campaign. You will be able to play with up to 16 players.

"Track and document the peaceful marine wildlife, deal with malfunctioning and limited gear, survive real world disaster scenarios, hunt for legendary treasure, salvage shipwrecks, or fathom the underwater paradise at your own leisure." 
Say's the official website. It looks as if this game is going to be open world, we would imagine that this is going to be emphasized more in the multiplayer as opposed to the mission/stage style of the singleplayer campaign.

The website also reveals more gameplay information. "You will be able to explore a huge hidden underwater world; visit eerie underwater caverns, discover and salvage the sunken remains of history, including rusty shipwrecks and World War II submarines, and complete your Ocean-o-pedia with myriad marine wildlife; from peaceful anemones to the impending great white." You will be starting in the Caribbean and gradually making your way across the globe to explore an entire world beneath the waves.

Character customization is also emphasized allowing you to customize not only gear, accessories and clothes, but also allowing you to customize hair, face body type etc, so you get to make your very own diver. What is also interesting is that you have you own ship and property which is up-gradable - in fact, you even have your own diving base! You are able to collect diving buddies which boost stats.

You can pre-order the game on steam and play at for early access to the game.

Here is the early access trailer:


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