Tropes vs Women's Sarkeesian flees home after receiving threats online

Anita Sarkeesian

Anita Sarkeesian involves authorities following recent wave of abuse.

Gaming commentator Anita Sarkeesian left her home on Wednesday this week after receiving severe threats online from critics of her work.

Sarkeesian produces the video article series, Tropes vs Women which investigates the representation of women in video games. Although she is no newcomer to abusive backlashes from the internet, the situation worsened this week to the point where she had to contact the authorities.

"Some very scary threats have just been made against me and my family. Contacting authorities now," she wrote on Twitter, adding later:

"I'm safe. Authorities have been notified. Staying with friends tonight. I'm not giving up. But this harassment of women in tech must stop!"



Despite being the focus of a minority of gamers that berate her gaming discourses Sarkeesian's videos receive considerable praise from some prominent figures within the games industry amongst them The Last of Us Creative lead Neil Druckmann.



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