Rockstar release 10 new Verified Jobs for GTA Online

GTA Online

The latest batch of player created Jobs joins the online component of GTA V

Rockstar has added a new selection of verified Jobs to Grand Theft Auto Online for PS3 and Xbox 360.

The ten new Jobs include “technical Races designed to please speed junkies, Capture Jobs that take Prop placement to the next level and a pair of Deathmatches with plenty of opportunities for imaginative carnage.” say Rockstar.

The developers also state the next set of Jobs to join GTA Online after this new batch will include the winners of the recent San Andreas Flight School Event Weekend Creator Competition

A list of the new Jobs and their creators is below:

  • Code 13-91 - created by XXChaosiumXX91
  • Urban Jungle - created by Ashtargalactic
  • Rebel Rodeo - created by MANNAMEDMACHINE
  • Brand’s Snatch - created by Seekrit Chimp
  • Hold: Operation Interrupt - created by SoWhack
  • Hit The Apex - created by ZigMeister666
  • Rail Yard, Railed Out - created by Jakeperiphery
  • That’s What She Said - created by Kalweiser
  • Raid: Claustrophobia - created by DezeWevos
  • Tittie Twister - created by xHumbleRx

Head here to read more about the new verified Jobs in GTA Online

GTA V will be coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC in the autumn. When the new versions arrive players will be able to transfer their GTA Online progress across  for free.

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