New Pokemon fighting game from creators of Tekken announced

Pokken Tournament Logo 1

Bandai Namco Games and The Pokemon Company have teamed up to bring a Tekken-style beat 'em up using the Pokemon universe to Japanese arcades.

A trailer for Pokkén Tournament was posted on The Pokemon Company's Japanese YouTube channel yesterday.

This reveal follows the appearance of a teaser site last week that announced a 'stunning' new Pokemon project was to be announced this week.

The game is spawned from a collaboration between The Pokémon Company, who obviously produce the Pokémon games, and Namco Bandai who create the Tekken and Soulcalibur fighting games.

Pokken Tournament Screen 1

But don't get excited just yet, the game is only set to hit Japanese arcades in 2015 at the moment. However, that doesn't mean they can't port it over to consoles at a later date, so keep your fingers crossed and we'll update you with any further information. Take a look at the trailer below, which shows Machamp and Lucario going toe to toe.

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