Metro Redux launch trailer shows Metro games in shiny new light


The Metro Redux launch trailer is giving another look at the graphical upgrades coming to the Metro games.

4A’s Metro games have been remastered and re-released for 8th gen consoles and more powerful PCs and the trailer accompanying the launch gives a good idea of the graphical improvements to be seen.

Released under the title Metro Redux, both Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light’s single player campaigns and DLC have been bundled together and touched-up to make the best of the PS4 and Xbox One’s hardware. The original game in the series, Metro 2033, released in 2010 is now more comparable to last year’s Metro: Last Light and both versions now flaunt similar fidelity to what you can expect from a PC version.

Metro 2033 Redux and Metro: Last Light Redux are launching this week as separate digital downloads. A retail bundle of both games called Metro Redux is also available. North America received Metro Redux on 26h August while Europe will be getting it on 29th August.

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