Lindsay Lohan GTA V lawsuit 'filed for publicity purposes'


Take-Two and Rockstar Games say the actress Lindsay Lohan's case against GTA V is just for attention.

According Big Story, court papers made public on Tuesday state that the Grand Theft Auto 5 publisher, Take-Two Interactive, claim the recent lawsuit filed by Lindsay Lohan against the company was 'filed for publicity purposes.'

Take-Two want the lawsuit to be dimissed, along with Lohan paying their legal fees.

Earlier this year it was reported that Lohan contacted her lawyers in December last year regarding her apparent resmblence to GTA V character Lacey Jonas.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Lacey Jonas 1Lacey Jonas in GTA V

The suit claimed that 'the portraits of the Plaintiff (Lohan) incorporated her image, likeness, clothing, outfits, Plaintiff’s clothing line products, ensemble in the form of hats, hair style, sunglasses, jean shorts worn by the Plaintiff that were for sale to the public at least two years'

In GTA V Lacey is portrayed as a famous actress, and players can take part in missions where they must help her escape the paparazzi.

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