Red Awakening looks to define slasher movie first person shooters

Red Awakening

Horror, stealth and subterfuge, get ready to experience Red Awakening.

Red Awakening is a campaign-driven multiplayer stealth/action/horror game for both next gen consoles and PC that uses Unreal Engine 4

The game is heavily influenced by the 80s slasher genre of horror movies in combination with the first person stealth games from the early 90s and mid 2000s. It's described as a 'surreal blend of neon drenched, drug induced, satirical storytelling with first-person dynamic stealth, parkour style movement, ultra-violent gameplay, unnerving synth soundtrack, all wrapped in our distinctive cell shaded graphical style.'

Following the aftermath of the Vietnam War, the USA is in a mess and there are several riots which have spawned as a result of protests. Fearing a civil war with the Youth of America and further conflict with international communism, the greater powers fund a CIA programme called Red Awakening in an attempt to create a resolution to the turmoil.

Captured soviet agents and violent young offenders are sentenced to 'public executions', but instead of death they're flown to secret facilities across the globe and trained to become killers and super soldiers. 'There, they are conditioned and then placed into teams best representing their country of origin, be that from the East or the West, they’re then taken to a RA test facility, given an objective and set against each other, trained to become the perfect, invisible killers required to strike at the heart of America’s enemies…', states the game's website.

The game somewhat represents the appearance of a typical shooter but this is certainly not a run and gun game, and it's certainly not a generic or conventional shooter. There are many features such as jumping, wall hanging, wall running, mantling, sliding, crouching, crawling and sprinting which you can utilise to maneuver in your surroundings. There's no HUD, so to keep track of ammo you'll need to hold the reload button and manually check, there's no reload. This is not shooter driven either, there are significantly more melee weapons than projectiles.

There are also 3 stages, blue which is an eerie and sub-passive mode where you are not necessarily in danger but danger could be just around the corner. When you're detected the game will transition into a purple colour. Being spotted will then engage a red colour sequence to indicate combat mode, you will need to fight your way out of this situation or run and hide in the shadows.

Below is a video showing the mechanics of the game.



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