Red Awakening gameplay brings something fresh to the FPS genre

Red Awakening

Here is a work in progress preview of Red Awakening with some videos regarding the game mechanics.

Red Awakening is a cel shaded, retro horror/stealth/action game coming to PC and next gen. It's first person, multiplayer and campaign driven, running on the new Unreal 4 Engine.

During the aftermath of the Vietnam War, the youth of America begin to become more and more violent resulting in several riots driving the USA into a state of turmoil and terror, amidst the chaos, the looming threat of communism is rising and with the fear ever increasing, the powers that be need to orchestrate an appropriate solution.

Violent young people and captured soviet agents are 'sentenced to public execution', but instead are flown in the dead of night to secret government facilities around the globe where they're conditioned and trained become the perfect invisible killers, assassins and stealth super soldiers. They are placed into teams representing their country of origin - 5 of them are from the East, 5 of them are from the West. They are then given an objective and set out against each other. This project is known as Red Awakening - who will last the longest?

Work In Progress: Walkthrough I

Work In Progress: Walkthrough II

Work In Progress: Walkthrough III

Red Awakening: Mechanics I

Red Awakening: Mechanics II



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