Firaxis declare fan conference, and talk Civ Beyond Earth seeded-start

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Firaxis Games talk us through another livestream of the latest Civilization Beyond Earth game, and announce a conference dedicated to all things Firaxis.

Following on from the first Civilization: Beyond Earth livestream footage we talked about last week, Firaxis held another session showcasing the game.

The first livestream talked about the aliens on the planets you'll be inhabitating, and how're they're not like the barbarians we're so familiar with from the previous games. The latest video gives us an overview of the bonuses and perks in the 'seeded-start' in the game.

Pete Murray and David McDonough from Firaxis first announce Firaxicon in the video - it's basically a conference at the Firaxis offices where you'll get to meet the dev team, play Civ: Beyond Earth, attend a presentation by the Civ creator, Sid Meier, and more. The con begins at 10am on 27th September and runs for 24 hours, ending 10am 28th September. Tickets are $40 and you can purchase them on the Eventbrite website.

The 50 minute footage is below, so settle down, get comfy, and prepare to hear more in-depth details and watch new footage of Civilzation: Beyond Earth.

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