The top 5 most anticipated free to play games for PS4

Everquest Next Void Goliath

HITC’s shortlist of free to play PS4 games to get excited about

Alongside the big AAA’s and the impressive looking indies coming to PS4, there are also coming some free to play online games worthy of your time. To get going with the games listed below it will be free (although you might end up parting with money later) and all you’ll need to play the games is the ability to get online.

5. Let it Die

 Trailers don’t give away everything, but if the final game carries the sheer over-the-top sadistic action shown in Let it Die’s E3 video,  then Suda51’s  new game could generate a lot of controversy Will Let it Die pull out all the violence stops and take a step too far? We’re intrigued to see how this game pans out once it hits PS4.


4. H1Z1

 The first of three SoE games coming to PS4 in our top five, H1Z1 will at some point be getting direct competition from DayZ, which has also just been announced for the console - although to be fair it’s not been said if DayZ will stay exclusively on PS4 or if  it will be free to play. SoE are stating there’s no plans to adopt a pay to win model with H1Z1 and the world-size, graphics and gameplay look very promising. H1Z1 professes to focus on co-operative team-work to survive against the zombie hordes rather than the harcore PVP-centric approach you have with DayZ, a point of difference that could set the game apart.


3. Deep Down

 While it’s not completely clear if Deep Down is due to come our way from Asia, we’re very hopeful it will. We’re interested to find out more about Deep Down’s Assassin’’s Creed-esque time-travelling ‘Ravens’ storyline and how the Dark Souls-style multiplayer is going to play out in Deep Down’s dungeon-crawls. Capcom are using their new Panta Rhei engine for Deep Down and from the footage we’ve seen the game has some very impressive looks.


2. Planetside 2

 Built with the same engine as H1Z1, Planetside 2 is already well established on PC and is well known for it’s massive game world, epic large scale battles and impressive graphics. The word from SoE is that Planetside 2 will run on graphics settings equivalent to those maxed out on PC when the game comes to PS4, we can’t wait.


1. Everquest Next.

 Everquest Next comes with a list of exciting new features that really could move the MMO fantasy RPG genre in new directions. Destructible environments, dynamic events that will evolve depending on player involvement and differ from server to server, clever AI that sees mobs upping sticks or calling in the cavalry and a much looser class structure that works with D&D-style keywords and allows for multi-class builds. Taking the legendary world of Norrath and putting it in a huge sandbox, Everquest Next is a very exciting prospect and given it’s coming to PS4, EQ fans have another option beyond speccing out a new PC to play the game.

These are the free to play game’s we’re getting most excited about for PS4, What do you think of our top five? Any changes you’d make to the list?

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