Oculus Half Life 2 video shows great potential for VR in FPS games

Half Life 2

Developers have a done an impressive job of integrating Oculus Rift with Half Life 2.

We’ve heard how games like Eve Valkyrie, Enemy Starfighter and Project CARS lend themselves well to VR integration by virtue of stationary cockpits and even an Oculus mod that gives you a Gauntlet-style top down third person view of yourself.

In a recent YouTube video posted by Goldfish we’re getting to see an exciting use of Virtual Reality in a first person shooter game.

The game in question is Valve’s FPS, Half Life 2. While the player doesn’t venture out of the training mode in the video below, you get a good sense of the fun to had running around within the game. You can also see how the mod allows for you to use gestures to throw grenades and reload weapons and a cool adaptation of the HUD, showing your health and armour on the back of your hand.

While Facebook look to push Oculus Rift to markets outside gaming there are still some exciting possibilities to be explored with VR in video games.

After publicly abandoning Oculus Rift when Facebook acquired the company earlier this year, Minecraft’s Markus 'Notch' Persson now states he’s officially no longer upset by  Facebook buying Oculus.

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