BabyX reads your facial expressions and learns like a real child

BabyX Screen 1

A baby simulation developed by the Laboratory for Animate Technologies is frighteningly realistic, but very impressive.

Created at the Bioengineering Institute, at The University of Auckland, BabyX is a frighteningly realistic simulation of a baby, that learns like a real human child. It can see and hear, and is able to read your facial expressions, meaning BabyX can imitate your expressions too.

The video below shows and example of the facial expression imitation, as well as looking at BabyX's brain functions. It has even learnt how to play Pong, smiling in joy when it hits the ball. It's pretty impressive.

In the latest video we're shown how BabyX can distinguish between different images and words. Thanks, Kotaku.

To read more about the Laboratory for Animate Technologies' research head on over to their website.



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