Titanfall goes free to play a second time on Origin

Titanfall Screen 1

EA grant another free 48 hours of play on the PC version of Titanfall via the Game Time promotion.

Respawn Entertainment’s popular FPS, Titanfall is to get another round of free play time, EA has announced.

Unfortunately the offer is only open to those who didn’t take up the previous free time on Titanfall in June. If you missed the offer the first time round you’ll be able to add Titanfall to your Origin library and play the game for free for 48 hours.

Your 48 free Titanfall hours commence from the moment you first boot up the game, with the clock ticking down in real time, so even if you’re not playing time is still counted. Alerts in-game will keep you notified of how much time you have left.

Your progression through the game will be saved, so if you decide to go ahead and purchase after the trial period you'll be able to continue where you left off. 

EA recently gave away 168 hours of free play time on Battlefield 4 via the Origin Game Time promotion.

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