Rime director reveals hidden secrets of Gamescom trailer

Rime Ps4

Wondering what the key symbol was all about, or why the fox got a mention?

Tequila Works creative director, Rubio Munarriz has teasingly shed some light upon Rime in a PlayStation Blog post referring to its Gamescom trailer. 

In his post Munarriz highlights 21 aspects to the game on display in the video, some of which may have been missed. 

In the blurb that came with the trailer the fox was mentioned. This refers to perspective based puzzles in the game. At 0.47 in the video below, a fox appears in the foreground as an etched image takes shape in the background, aligning as the boy moves. The fox has a ‘really strong meaning’ in Rime.

The key symbol, which enigmatically stood out in the trailer is teased. After the key appears in the rock and then again at the tower in the trailer, at 0.39 you can see it subtly repeated in a small rock to the right foreground. Apparently such symbols are everywhere. As you might expect, the tower is a goal in the game but apparently you get there early on and it isn't the end.

Munarriz’s rundown also marks the significance of wildlife on the island; seagulls for instance will circle points of interest.

The notion that the island is an active character in the game is also further hinted at, with Munarriz saying. “Everyone is looking at the island as this beautiful paradise. That’s one aspect of it, but it’s also a character in itself. What if you make the island angry?”

With all this comes the promise of a grand sense of scale and a great deal of playful exploration.

To read the Rime blurb from Gamescom hit this link.

Head here for the full PlayStation Blog post.

Rime is currently looking to be a PS4 exclusive. No due date has been given as yet.

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