Netflix experiment with virtual reality

Netflix VR Hack

See how Oculus Rift could potentially be used for browsing and viewing Netflix.

A video released by Netflix shows how engineers have incorporated Oculus Rift into the service, along with motion sensor support to give control commands with gestures.

With use of VR, the prototype interface displayed in the video below shows how users could be dropped into a panoramic open 3D space from which to pick content to watch.

While the footage shows something still very much in the experimental stages, it opens up some interesting possibilities for how content could be arranged and presented to the user. With the addition of personalised VR environments, we can imagine for example navigating through your own ‘theatre’ where your list and Netflix suggests are displayed, or being able to travel through your child’s theatre to monitor what they’re watching.

The demo in the video shows Oculus being used with a laptop, also throwing up exciting possibilities for portable Netflix viewing, away from the flat screen in the front room.

Of course, Oculus Rift itself is yet to become available to consumers and it’s most unlikely VR support will arrive with Netflix proper without signs of it taking off in the home/mobile market, but for now we can see a glimpse into a possible future for personal entertainment and an enticing application for VR.

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