MGSV: The Phantom Pain multiplayer aired

Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain E3 3

Konami have revealed the multiplayer in the upcoming Metal Gear Solid game for the first time.

For those keeping up with the footage coming out for Hideo Kojima’s highly anticipated Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain there will be gameplay you’ve already seen. The video below covers in full a demo shown behind closed doors at Gamescom this month, some of which has already been shown to give an idea of different gameplay approaches surrounding a single encampment.

Around the 17 minute mark the online multiplayer is revealed

In the multiplayer component coming with MGSV: The Phantom Pain, players will have access to their own customisable offshore Mother Base.

The multiplayer section of the video below shows an infiltration mission on another player’s Mother Base. If you successfully break into an opponents HQ you’ll be able to steal their equipment, resources and even guardsmen for your own army.

As you become more invested in your Mother Base you’ll be able to beef-up your security measures and add more platforms, making it harder for opponents to infiltrate and steal your accumulated resources.


 Thanks to IGN for the video. 

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