Earn double RP and GTA$ in GTA Online this weekend

GTA Online flight school

An event will be running to celebrate the launch of the San Andreas Flight School

Rockstar will be dishing out double RP and GTA$ to players logging into GTA Online this weekend.

To mark the launch of the San Andreas Flight School add-on, bonus RP and GTA$ earnings can be earned by taking part in the special Event Weekend Playlist irrespective of whether you win or lose.

Double RP can also be gained by flying under bridges during races and killing players in Gang Attacks taking place at airports and hangers.

An exclusive High Flyer Parachute Pack can be obtained at Ammu-Nation by those completing the San Andreas Flight School Event Playlist

As is common with GTA Online weekenders, there will also be crate drops falling from the sky containing additional GTA$ and RP, Miniguns, RPGs and Sticky Bombs.

The event runs from 22nd to 24th August. Hit this link to check out more details on the Rockstar site.

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