Super Meat Boy devs tease ‘new live action stealth game’

A Voyear For September

Team Meat to show their new game, titled A Voyeur for September in the Indie Megabooth at PAX Prime.

The developers of the hardcore indie hit Super Meat Boy are making a new game which has been teased in a recent trailer.

Describing the title as "a new live action stealth game."  Team Meat have called the game  A Voyeur for September. In the teaser video you can see some grainy live footage with someone peering, apparently unseen, into a house, cut with shots of plants and insects.

A Voyeur for September is to appear at the Indie Megabooth at this year’s Pax Prime. A listing for the game notes that the game is currently being developed for Android, iOS, Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

For the full listing for the indie megabooth hit this link


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