GTA Online Flight School update arrives: new air and land vehicles

GTA Online

Rockstar have updated the online component of Grand Theft Auto V with an update that brings new air and land vehicles, challenges, and more.

We kind of knew it was coming, and now an official update video has arrived. Rockstar have announced that from today players will be able to download the GTA Online: The San Andreas Flight School Update.

In the trailer below we're given a Top Gun vibe, showcasing the new jets, chopper, and sporty convertibles, as well as country flag parachute bags. Take a look and then go download the update.

Of all the updates released for GTA Online, there's still one - and I'm sure many people are getting bored of saying this - that's missing; Heists! Players have been crying out for Rockstar to update the game with this mode since launch, and it's almost been a full year since GTA V was released. The longer they hold out, the more we think the mode will come with the release of the PS4, Xbox One, and PC versions of the game.

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