Check out 6 minutes of Bloodborne gameplay

Bloodborne cityscape

We have a video giving the best look yet at From Software’s PS4 exclusive.

The video below shows a 6-minute direct feed of gameplay from Bloodborne, the upcoming game from Dark Souls devs, From Software.

The trailer is showing off some of the gothic surroundings in the city of Yharnam, the blood-filled monsters you’ll be fighting, a peek at some two-handed combat and an encounter with a giant boss called the Cleric Beast.

We heard recently that Bloodborne is to be a less punishing game than Dark Souls and in the new video you can see some of the ‘Regain’ combat system which gives back health when you successfully counter and land a hit.

Dark Souls fans, what do you make of Bloodborne, are From Software watering down the formula too much with this game?

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