Activision Blizzard in talks to launch own TV Show and Movie company?

Kevin Spacey In COD: Advanced Warfare

A rumour has emerged online that the Call of Duty and World of Warcraft creators are in talks to create an entertainment studio.

Practically every gamer knows who Activision and Blizzard are, with the massive Call of Duty franchise and World of Warcrat MMO, the company is one of the biggest exporters of top gaming content.

Now a rumour has emerged that talks about the company planning to launch an entertainment studio, which would deal with the production of their own tv shows and movies.

According to Engadget on a report from The Information, sources say that the company wants to produce the titles based on its own brands, instead of licensing such rights out to third parties. Nothing has yet been confirmed, but it all makes sense to us.

Call of Duty is still pretty successful, and the other franchises such as Skylanders would surely garner plenty of attention if they were turned into a tv show or movie. Plus, who wouldn't want to see something that Blizzard has worked on? The CGI trailers for all their games are incredible.


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