SoE say EverQuest Next to ‘turn the MMO genre upside-side down’

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An executive from Sony Online Entertainment talks of why little has been revealed about EQ Next so far.

Revelations about SoE’s upcoming third installment of the long-running EverQuest franchise have arisen in an interview with CVG. SoE exec Laura Naviaux has let on that the relative silence surrounding the game to date is due to the fact the game shows a marked difference to previous titles from Sony’s online division.

When questioned as to why info about EQ Next is less forthcoming when compared to SoE’s other new MMO in development H1Z1, Naviaux said: "The easy answer there is that EverQuest Next needs new technology.

"So we've spent a lot of time actually making a voxel world, and the technology and the infrastructure and the data pipeline that it requires to service a game of that magnitude, and the dynamic AI, and some of the other pieces and parts.

"Whereas with H1Z1, we were able to leverage a lot of our existing technology from PlanetSide 2 with the vehicles, Forgelight, the map, the fact that it's a shooter. So we weren't having to reinvent - and I'm not discounting H1Z1 by any means, but it's just apples and oranges, so I don't know if it's a great comparison.

"But we really are wanting to be just as open with EverQuest Next as we've been with H1Z1, we're just focused on different things right now. And H1Z1 will be an early access product, where Next probably will not.”

In the interview Naviaux was also asked if community focused development processes were better suited to titles the likes of H1Z1, her reply was: "With EverQuest Next, we're turning the MMO genre upside-down. I wouldn't disagree with your statement, and maybe it is a little bit genre-specific.

"But when you're trying to turn an entire genre upside down, it is very different than when you are able to bring a game to market so quickly and there's sort of an established path."

EverQuest Next was initially announced last year with some very promising new features that have huge potential to move the MMORPG genre into new pastures. The game is set to include more realistic AI, that for instance will cause mobs to move location if they are attacked frequently. The EQ Next world will also be built around fully destructible environments which players can interact with Minecraft-style, revealing previously unknown dungeons. Plotlines will also be more open-ended and reactive to player actions and a new progression system will be brought in that intends to do away with conventional levelling mechanics.

A spin-off game for EQ Next, entitle Landmark is currently underway, giving players the chance to build and profit from making their own in-game creations.

A due date for EverQuest Next hasn’t yet been provided but it has been announced the game will be coming to PS4.

For the SoE interview in full hit this link. Thanks CVG

If you’ve been known to grace the land of Norrath, what do you make of EverQuest Next? How much of an impact do you think the game is likely to have in the MMORPG space?


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