Metal Gear fan remake shelved, the voice of Snake was involved

Solid Snake metal gear solid 3

Konami shut down a remake of Metal Gear, a new trailer reveals David Hayter was on board.

A fan-made remake of the original Metal Gear game has been reportedly halted by Konami.

Speaking on the issue, the game’s devs Outer Heaven told Metal Gear Informer, “Unfortunately we can no longer go ahead with the project, it seems like the guys over at Konami couldn’t agree on a decision so had no choice but to shut us down.”

This has happened despite Konami having previously given the team license to proceed with the game provided no money was made.

Metal Gear first saw the light of day in 1987 on the MSX2 with the fan remake set to be ”a full remake of the original game,” using a new script and models.

As a recent trailer reveals the game was due to draw upon the voice talents of Solid Snake and Big Boss voice actor David Hayter and was looking rather promising before the game were sadly stopped.

What will now happen to the project is unclear, although there is the possibility it may continue under a different name.

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