New Star Citizen trailer encourages you to explore new worlds

Star Citizen RSI Constellation Trailer Screen 1

Cloud Imperium Gamesspace combat and trading simulator receives an impressive new trailer that would make you think it’s for a movie.

Star Citizen shows off a movie-like vibe in the one of the latest trailers, showcasing the discovery of new planets and their lifeforms in the RSI Constellation ship.

In the trailer below we see a crew manning an impressive ship as it prepares to, and eventually does, land on a newly-discovered world. Alien lifeforms are present on the planet and watch as the crew touches down and makes their way to exploring the strange new environment. All of the footage is rendered in-game, and it’s definitely worth watching in 4K if you can.

Star Citizen has currently over $50 million in crowdfunding, making it the highest amount raised in a crowd-funded project ever. The game is due for release on PC sometime in 2015.

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