Travel to Mars in the new Destiny trailer

Destiny, Mars 2

Bungie and Activision have released a new trailer showing a desolate Mars in Destiny.

I’ll attempt to refrain from making any Total Recall references here, and be purely professional about this whole thing, promise. In the latest trailer we catch glimpses of what players will be up to when they visit the Red Planet in Destiny next month.

The description of the video on the YouTube video speaks of a ‘massive metropolis’ built on Mars, but as you’ll see in the trailer there’s nothing but abandoned ruins left. Guardians wander the wastes and engage huge, hulking enemies in full body armour. A flash of sparrow riding action is shown in the orangey-red hue of the planet’s surface, and we’re told ‘it doesn’t matter who you were, only what you’ll become.’

Now, get you’re a** to Mars! Sorry, I couldn't resist… enjoy the trailer.

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